What does Wordsworth dream of?


William blows out the candlelight, no longer illuminating his bedroomLucy sat writing her poem in Dove Cottage

The reds, greens and creams no longer alight

William drifts into a deep, hazy sleep

Illuminating his wildest dreams


He returns to a lost Eden

A land filled with every colour of the rainbow

Where every animal and plant lives in peace and harmony

And no-one feels any pain, like the pain he faced


He sees his old friends in the fields of red, purple and pink

They lie in the maternal fields of poppies, their only comfort

Feeling its velvety skin and inhaling its sickly sweetness

Where no troubles can reach them


The green Heaven remains untouched

Unlike the grey world of reality where they speak no word of truth

A cloud of smoke foretells the end

And he never wants to wake up.


Lucy Cahalin