I have got to tell anyone who will listen that this is one of THE best adventure movies I’ve
ever seen. I purposefully avoid hyping myself up for movies because when expectations are too
high, I am usually disappointed. That said, I was rather excited to see this movie and was fully
aboard the so-called “hype train”. It couldn’t be helped, in my defence. So, I
was certainly open to intense disappointment had this movie not been good. I’m so happy
to report just the opposite happened.
The only word I can think of to describe this movie is AMAZING. It is amazing work and
everything I had hoped for and more. It is really exceptional entertainment for the
uninitiated but it has everything a fan could want. It has every little nuance of what a fan
wants to see. One of the MANY things I loved was the tension and flat out conflict that
arises between team members.

It’s not a two dimensional flawless “team” that bands
together to fight crime. Most don’t like each other at first and there is so much texture to be
played upon. That is great because so many of these characters are larger than life. They
have egos and the big guns aren’t used to working with other people or even playing by the
rules. Stark, Thor and Banner all work “the other side of the fence” so to speak. Then there’s
the Widow, Hawkeye and Captain America who are used to following orders and playing
within a command structure. They are all thrown together in a wonderful and, best of all,
believable fashion. Again, more than I ever dreamed possible.
The entire cast really delivered. You needed more than just action actors or stunt doubles to
play all these parts. The pathos is there but so are the timing and true deep performances.
I’m so happy to say that Mark Ruffalo won me over. I hope he’s locked up for the long haul
because we don’t need any more changes. Three was the lucky number for movie Banners.
Every other actor in Avengers that we’ve seen before is BETTER than their previous
incarnation (EVERY single one) with the possible exception of Robert Downey Jnr as Stark.
He’s great but it’s hard to top his take on the character from the original Iron Man in an
ensemble movie. I thought that Scarlett Johansson’s Widow character was amazing but I’m
definitely judging that through rose colour glasses. The character arcs that run their course
during this film will surprise a lot of general audiences expecting nothing more than a
standard action movie.

I honestly don’t want to give away any of the movie with this review because this is one film
that needs every scene to be savoured. Do yourself a favour and remain unspoiled. It’s how I
saw the movie (apart from what the trailers showed) and even though you’re obviously
reading this review, read no others with any kind of spoilers whatsoever. Experience the
awesomeness for yourself. The Avengers as a movie and as a team on screen is an
unstoppable force. I’m just going to say, Hulk & Thor combination equals AWESOME and
leave it at that. This movie defines MUST SEE.