Republic Summer Shoot

As we entered Republic (the Lanes, Carlisle) the sun outside shone enough to give us comfort that
the autumn photo shoot would be highly successful. It is now entering the season where warm
clothes are entering your wardrobe, especially as you are reading this from Cumbria, so out of the
shop we took warm jackets and comfortable trousers, but it also still time for preparing for parties
and going out with family and friends. With this in mind we arranged a collection of dresses and
skirts as well as smart, but not over enough to overdress, men’s outfits.
As we headed to the Civic Centre where the ladies, and even the gents requested, make up courtesy
of Annie Pennington; the sky seemed only to brighten and promote a fabulous day for our Carlisle
Castle shoot. After arriving at the Castle we were shown to the Education Room providing a changing
area for our models; Emma Walker, Amy Bradley, Caitlin Beatie, Callum Mason and Chris Grant to
get ready in. When they were ready we took a walk to above the reception area where there was
some beautiful brick work to experiment with and an autumn glow to show off the models clothing
in a natural way. There was also a ‘High Table’ with Thrones which children would love to play act in
with educational books making it a fun and suitable environment for whole families. Through in the
other room there was an historic fireplace and entrance again showing the history of Carlisle Castle,
kindly lent to us by English Heritage.
Following this we walked back and headed upstairs to the castle wall. Here the models
experimented with the open walkways and heights available to show the clothing in the best
available way. The area up there is fabulous, although I imagine at night it might have an entirely
different effect as the whole castle lights up and between Monday 29th October and Friday 2nd
November the Castle will be providing ‘Ghost and Ghastly Stories’ tours each taking approximately
one hour and fifteen minutes.
After a brief lunch break the models each changed into their next outfits. For the girls this meant
floaty skirts and dresses paired with heels and the boys in smart trousers and tops. This time we
headed for the Dungeons. This turned out the perfect place to let the models have some fun;
experimenting with vogue themes and styled photographs. While we toured the large building we
were very aware of the cool exposed brick and large glass windows. The educational area in the top
floor provided an area for all ages to read about the history of Carlisle and the Castle and how the
city walls have changed.
We again headed to the roof. As we arrived the wind was picking up but this only furthered the
beauty in the design of the girls’ skirts and dresses dragging them out behind them. It was time for a
bit of a catwalk for all the models to show off each of their outfits to the full extent! After this we
decided to take the short walk on the top on our way we discovered the canons, this only furthered
the boys enthusiasm as they seemed to revert to children before our eyes at the sight of a new toy.
After the models had changed back into their own clothes it was time to call it a day. It had been
highly successful with the weather and time on our side.