So I may be being slightly biased in this review, as a massive Sophie Kinsella fan… But this book was introduced to me by my mum and I’ve read it over ten times! (If you think I’m kidding, ask my family.) It’s so romantic, witty and addictive I just could not put it down.
Right, you probably want to hear about the book then…Samantha Sweeting is a high powered
London lawyer. As expected, that means she works herself into the ground and goes far…she’s up for
a partnership with the firm and has worked so hard for it. And her desk, like many people’s, is a tip! As she
tidies it she realises she’s made a mistake, a big mistake…a career breaking mistake.
As Samantha walks, out of the office onto a train, and up to the front door of a big house and is
mistaken for the interviewee housekeeper, all she can think about it the career she has left behind.
The owners have no idea that they’ve hired a London lawyer with an IQ of 158, who can’t work the
After many many MANY disasters, she finally begins to learn and fall in love with her new life in a big
Will the truth be uncovered, what about her job in London, is her old life going to catch up with her,
will she want it back….will she find true love?
Well – read it and find out! It’s so gripping; I finished it in an afternoon!

By Trudi Newgarth