1. The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic
    If you had a great flat, a fab wardrobe, and a job telling people how to manage their money, you’d think you
    were fine, right?
    Well, the problem is, Becky Bloomwood can’t afford it anymore. The bank bills are making it hard, she tries
    cutting back and making more money, but she just can’t do it. There’s just always something new to buy.
    This is a great book if you need a pick me up, or just feel like an irresponsible read like me!
  2. Shopaholic Abroad
    Becky’s life is finally getting back on track, she has a great job on morning coffee, she’s getting on with her
    bank manager, and buying only what she needs (lets not get onto what she needs) and now she has a great
    offer to work in New York!
    And, she intends to visit the museums and famous places, it’s just, there’s Saks and Bloomingdales and
    barneys and all those sample sales, oh, what was that Prada dress again?
    The money issue’s really putting pressure on her relationship especially with the media getting involved!
    Another goal scored for Kinsella! A brilliant page turner.
  3. Shopaholic Ties the Knot
    It’s going fine, she’s actually got a job shopping with someone else’s money. She’s got a great apartment with
    Luke, and he’s proposed! But how has she ended up with two weddings!? What can she do, and how will she
    choose? It’s fun to taste cake, try on endless amounts of dresses, register presents, but after all this time how
    does she tell one person to cancel their wedding!
    It’s hilarious and gripping, I didn’t want to put it down!
  4. Shopaholic and Sister
    On her honeymoon she told a teeny lie, now she has no job, and Luke’s given her a budget! Her best friend has
    got a new best friend, and just when you thought it there couldn’t be anymore, she has a long lost sister! They
    can now do things together, shopping, shopping, shopping, but her sister cant hate shopping…can she?!
    A laugh a minute read, I couldn’t believe the end!
  5. Shopaholic and Baby
    She works at Barneys in New York, she’s house hunting and wants a shoe room. And Becky Bloomwood has a
    bump! After discovering shopping cures morning sickness, she decides the baby needs designer clothes and
    cots, they even play with prams, but to put the icing on the cake, she needs a celebrity obstetrician, but she’s
    Luke’s ex-girlfriend and is hitting on him again!
    What can Becky do, her perfect world is falling to pieces around her!

Reading this is like talking to a best friend, so don’t miss out!